Opportunity Awaits You


I had the opportunity at St. John’s University to use my work in developing the Marketing Department’s website as a motive to create student stories. These segments served to bring a human

face to St. John’s encouraging other students to see themselves there.

Open House 2017- Frame by Frame


I was approached by the enrollment team at St. John’s University regarding a project to make St.John’s more appealing on social media, encouraging more attendees at Open House and other

enrollment-related events. After over a month of planning, the "Open House 2017’ video was created. This video garnered more than 20,000 views on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and helped    St. John’s attract students to their enrollment events for that class.

Grit of New York


Working along side the enrollment department, I developed a TV spot designed toward the greater New York market. This video was conceptualized, shot and edited within a months time.